• The Battle of Salamis, Richard Nelson

The Battle of Salamis, Richard Nelson


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THE BATTLE OF SALAMIS - Background Book for Wargamers and Modellers.


Introduction to Salamis

The Ships at Salamis

Strategy and Tactics at Salamis

The Persian Fleet

The Greek Fleet

Events leading up to the Battle

The Terrain

The Battle

Results of the Battle

Consequences of a Persian Victory

Transferring the Battle to the Wargames' Table

Available Rules and Suggested Modifications

Setting up Salamis as a Wargame

How Realistic a Simulation

The Salamis Campaign as a Strategic Game

Appendix - References and Sources for Models


Author: Richard Nelson

Publisher: William Luscombe (1975)

ISBN: 0 86002 056 8

Description: 164 pages, Hardback, 225 Χ 147mm, b/w photos, drawings, maps, diagrams, tables.

Book condition: VERY GOOD.

Dust jacket condition: GOOD.

Shipping weight: 450 gr.



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