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GREAT BATTLES OF THE WORLD No 2: MARATHON 490 B.C. - Athens Crushes the Persian Might.

Second Book of a new series from Squadron Signal Publications in cooperation with Periscopio Publications
The Battlle of Marathon is a landmark in world history. Through their victory, the Athenian and Plataean hoplites did not merely save their cities from destruction, but they also destroyed the myth of the "invincibility" of the Persians and created the foundations for the later spectacular victories in Salamis and Plataea. They proved the superiority of their armor, weaponry and tactics and opened the way for the unhindered evolution of Athens into a center of a civilization whose lights reached the extremities of Europe.
The book reveals the causes and pretexts of the Persian invasion and describes the way in which the hoplite phalanx repulsed the military power of the mighty Persian Empire. It follows the unknown Marathon runner in his run to announce victory and relates the captivating myths created by the historical battle that still remain a part of the oral tradition of the inhabitants of the area.
The publication is enriched with photographs, maps of the area and of the tactical battle movements, and color illustrations of uniforms. It has been written by eminent Greek writers who specialize in historical subjects and it has been expertly translated into English.

Author: D. Belezos / N. Giannopoulos / I. Kotoulas / K. Grigoropoulos

Publisher: Periscopio (20080

ISBN: 0-89747-561-7

Description: 104 pages, Paperback, 250 Χ 185 mm, b/w and colour photos, 7  colour plates, 9 colour maps. FULL ENGLISH TEXT.

Condition: NEW COPY.

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