Magnesia - The Story of a Civilization, Kapon Editions


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The unbroken history and the civilization of Magnesia, one of the most important regions of Central Greece, is presented in three sections: The Ancient World – Early Christian and Byzantine Times – Post-byzantine and Modern Times. The historical and archaeological evidence is here used as a basis for an examination of the space, the dwellings and settlements, art and religion, trade and economy, customs and daily life.
Each section is lavishly illustrated.The publication won the Academy of Athens Award in 1984. 

Author: George Ch. Chourmouziadis (Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Thessaloniki), Panayiota Asimakopoulou-Atzaka (Dr. of Philosophy, University of Thessaloniki), Kitsos A. Makris (Researcher of Greek Folklore)

Publisher: Kapon Editions

Description: 280 pages, Cloth hard cover, 25 X 29 cm, 329 illustrations, Text in English.

Condition: NEW COPY.

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