Great Moments in Greek Archaeology, Kapon Editions


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The book “Great Moments in Greek Archaeology” presents twenty-one major archaeological finds made in Greece in the last two centuries. The chapters are devoted to excavations and discoveries that set their seal on their time and contributed to the progress of the science of archaeology. The authors of the various chapters place great importance on the history of the discoveries, on the political and social circumstances of the period, and also on the human factor, especially the excavators. Pictures of archaeological sites during the excavations, juxtaposed with pictures of the same sites at the present day, along with illustrations of the most important finds, at the time of their discovery and as displayed in museums at present, bring to life historical memories and project the archaeological sites and finds. An introductory text by V. Petrakos, member of the Academy of Athens, sets the historical context and describes the course of Greek archaeology from the foundation of the modern Greek state to the present day. 

Author: Panos Valavanis (Professor of Classical Archaeology, Athens University)

Publisher: Kapon Editions

ISBN:  978-960-7037-84-8

Description: 380 pages, Cloth Hard cover, 25 X 31.5 cm, 674 illustrations, Text in English.

Condition: NEW COPY.


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