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DISPILIO - Notes for the Visitor 

This guide to the prehistoric lakeshore settlement at Dispilio, near Kastoria, is no collection of pedantic analyses and descriptions. It is more of a companion, speaking in a low voice to the visitor.A friendly walk around  this prehistoric lakeside settlement with the distinguished archaeologist who devoted fifteen years to uncovering its secrets. He tells us the story of its excavation, what it aimed to establish and the unique artefacts the long dig brought to light. In doing so, he  vividly conveys the frustrations, hopes,  and above all the excitement of working on a site where an organised community flourished seven thousand years ago. 

Author: George Ch. Chourmouziadis (Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Thessaloniki)

Publisher: Kapon Editions

ISBN: 978-960-6878-06-0

Description: 128 pages, Paperback, 15 X 22.5 cm, 23 illustrations, Text in English.

Condition: NEW COPY.


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