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Crete - The Great Night


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CRETE - THE GREAT NIGHT: June 1941 - May 1945.

The chronicle of a less known page of World War ii, written by one of the players of that period, represents a valuable testimony that has a lot of rich material to offer to the reader, as well as to the future historian. Even more so, as it refers to the generally unknown period of June 1941 - May 1945, just after the Battle of Crete, which was of major importance to the development of the resistance against the German forces. At the same time, the continued resistance of the Cretan people caused a number of serious problems to the development of the German operations in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Author of the book is General Eleftherios Papayiannakis, one of the most distinguished and noble fighters of the Battle of Crete, who had two brothers killed for the freedom of their country. A Cretan himself, he presents dramatic details from the German occupation period, in a most vivid manner and based on documentation as well as on his own personal memories. During that period he was a member of the National Resistance, was declared wanted by the Germans, was chased by the Communists and finally, he was offered a number of medals and other awards by his country and its Allies.

His book is the work of a lifetime. Its more than 500 pages combine, in an extremely way, the historical narration and the citation of additional documentation and other data. It is a fact that, the period in question, which is the unknown continuation of the glorious Battle of Crete, had been rarely investigated scientifically, up to date. In this respect, Mr. Papayiannakis' book represents an invaluable source of information.

(Commentary from newspaper ''Estia'')

Author: Eleftherios Papayiannakis (Major-General, Hellenic Army, Retired)

Publisher: Pitsilos (1998)

Description: 558 pages, Paperback, 24,5 Χ 17 cm. FULL ENGLISH TEXT.

Condition: VERY GOOD+

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