• Constantinople 1204

Constantinople 1204


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The Sack of Constantinople or Siege of Constantinople (also called the Fourth Crusade) occurred in 1204; it looted and destroyed parts of the capital of the Byzantine Empire as the city was captured by Western European and Venetian Crusaders. After the capture, the Byzantine Empire fragmented into a number of small successor states, the Crusader-led Latin Empire was founded in its place and Baldwin of Flanders was crowned Emperor Baldwin I of Constantinople in the Hagia Sophia.

Although one of the Empire's splinter states would eventually manage to recapture the city in 1261 and proclaim the reinstatement of the Roman Empire, the weakened Byzantine state would never manage to regain its lost territories, wealth, or imperial status. For this reason, the events of 1204 are sometimes seen as marking the final decline of the Byzantine Empire, ultimately leading to its demise in the Ottoman conquest of 1453, and the arrival of a new Islamic empire on European soil.

Author: Dimitris Belezos

Colour Plates: Christos Yiannopoulos 

Publisher: Periscopio Publications

ISBN: 978-960-8345-80-4


  • GREAT BATTLES series no. 24
  • 82 pages, Paperback, A4 size, b/w & colour photos
  • 5 full -page colour plates of warriors plus age artworks, maps

Condition: VERY GOOD.

Shipping weight: 450 gr.

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