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ANCIENT CYPRIOTE ART In the Archaeological Museum of Athens

The Cypriot Collection of the National Archaeological Museum comprises about 850 artefacts, of which several were donated by various collectors in the late 19th and early 20th century, while others, formerly illegally owned, are the product of recent confiscations.The Collection has a wealth of sculptures, pottery and terracottas, covering virtually the entire spectrum of Cypriot archaeology from the early bronze age (ca 2500 B.C.) to Roman times (4th century A.D.).The chapter on the history of the Collection was contributed by the Director of the National Archaeological Museum, Dr. Nikolaos Kaltsas. 

Author: Vassos Karageorgis (Professor of Archaeology)

Publisher: Kapon Editions

ISBN: 960-7037-41-3

Description: 152 pages, Paperback, 20,5 X 27 cm, 237 illustrations. Text in English.

Condition: NEW COPY.


Shipping weight: 600 gr

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