A Stage for Dionysos - Theatrical Space & Ancient Drama, Kapon Editions


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In this collective work scholars from different disciplines discuss the staging of ancient drama in Greece and abroad, as well as the architecture, restoration and use of ancient theatres, in which ancient Greek drama now finds its true “space”.

Author: Collective Work : (F. Amoroso, R. Beacham, J. Dimakopoulos, F. Efremoglou, V. Karageorghis, P. Mavromoustakos, S. Mercouris, J. Monleon, K. Boletis, M. Pitenis, A. Portelanos, C. Protochristova, Th. Skaltsas, E. Tzekakis)

Publisher: Kapon Editions

ISBN:  978-960-6878-20-6

Description: 216 pages, Paperback, 22 X 29 cm, 163 illustrations. Fully Bilingual (English / Greek).

Condition:  NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 950 gr

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