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Latin American Fighters, Harpia


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Latin American Fighters - A History of Fighter Jets in Service with Latin American Air Arms

This book for the first time describes the military fighter jet aviation in Latin America. It covers the eventfull history of fighter jets in 17 countries ranging from Mexico in the north down to Argentina in the south.

Each country is covered type by type in chronological order. Information on each type is being provided related to purchase, squadron service, losses, upgrades and service history.

Each type ends with a table covering the number of delivered aircraft, different types and subtypes, delivery dates and known serial numbers.

Author: Inigo Guevara y Moyano

Publisher: Harpia Publishing (2009)

ISBN: 978-0-9825539-0-9

Description: 256 pages, Paperback, 280 X 210 mm, 32 b/w &186 colour photos, 18 maps.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 1.2 Kg.

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