• Against All Odds, Asia@War No 12, Helion

Against All Odds, Asia@War No 12, Helion


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AGAINST ALL ODDS - Pakistan Air Force in the 1971 India-Pakistan War

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was a major military confrontation between India and Pakistan. Fought on two fronts of the Indian sub-continent between 3 and 17 December 1971, it pitted two major conventional armed forces in an all-out war over the fate of the former East Pakistan, and resulted in the emergence of a new, independent nation of Bangladesh.

In the West, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) initiated its involvement with an attack on the forward air bases of the Indian Air Force (IAF), on 3 December 1971. A series of major air battles followed over the primary conflict zones. In the East, the small PAF contingent was quickly neutralised by the IAF.

When the war ended in West Pakistan on 17 December, PAF was still in the ring and on its feet.  It had parried the enemy’s blows and had been ever so careful in its offensive responses. It continued to be fixated with remaining viable for providing complete air support to the Army’s all-important battle, which flowed out of the overarching dictum, ‘defence of the East lies in the West’.  PAF’s overall performance can be gleaned from the fact that it managed to keep its aircraft attrition rate at par with the IAF. The PAF unmistakably denied a much stronger IAF the distinct possibility of delivering a knock-out punch to it. In the circumstances obtaining, this was a commendable achievement.

Against All Odds is richly illustrated with a selection of exclusive photography, more than a dozen authentic colour artworks, and a similar number of maps. It provides a unique source of reference for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


''...this well researched and profusely illustrated monograph is a concise account. Overall, a very useful reference.'' FlyPast Magazine

"I completely enjoyed reading this and can offer this one my highest recommendation." ModelingMadness.com

"The lavishly illustrated effort sports dozens of period photos. Twenty-one color profiles offer aircraft modelers potent project potential." Cybermodeler

"...a lucid and admirably even-handed account of the jet-on-jet air combats of this brief but historically significant clash of arms." The Aviation Historian

"...probably the most comprehensive history of the 1971 war written in the last 40 years. The extensive access to archival materials, as well as the ability to communicate with a great number of participants of the war add a layer of knowledge that is unrivaled." Internet Modeler

" I found this publication to be an easy book to read and enjoy. The author writes with authority and knowledge in a manner which makes what could be a dry assessment of the conflict, an interesting and informative read. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to you all." Asian Air Arms Group

Author: Kaiser Tufail

Publisher: Helion & Company

Description: 96 pages, Paperback, Format A4, 82 photos, 14 maps, 23 colour profiles, 13 tables.

Condition: NEW COPY

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