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SEAD Specialists: F-4G Wild Weasel Phantoms - Part I, 1/48


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This sheet covers 12 F-4Gs from the mid-1980s right up into Desert Storm, and then later on to Southern Watch, Euro 1 camo and Hill Gray schemes are included.

12 options for these legendary Phantoms include:

  • F-4G 69-7235, 4485th Test & Evaluation Squadron, Det 5, George AFB, California, May 1991 *MiG killer*
  • F-4G 69-7263, 35th TFW flagship, George AFB, CA, July 1991 *one-piece windscreen*
  • F-4G 69-7561, 561st TFS flagship, George AFB, CA, August 1986, Euro 1 camo
  • F-4G 69-7561, 561st FS flagship, George AFB, CA, March 1992, Hill II camo
  • F-4G 69-7558, 480th TFS, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, August 1987 *SureFire '87 markings w/intake artwork*
  • F-4G 69-7268, 81st TFS, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, October 1987 *intake artwork*
  • F-4G 69-0269, 35th TFW (Provisional), Sheikh Isa AB, Bahrain, Desert Storm, February 1991, *15 mission markings*
  • F-4G 69-7211, 4404th CW (Provisional), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Southern Watch, July 1994 (F-117 zap markings)
  • F-4G 69-0250, 81st TFS, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, November 1991, *12 SAM kills on intake fixed ramp*
  • F-4G 69-0248, 480th TFS flagship, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, July 1989
  • F-4G 69-7218, 90th TFS, Clark AB, Phillippines, June 1988, Euro 1 camo
  • F-4G 69-7580, 152nd TRG, Nevada ANG, August 1991

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