• L' Acropole, Éditions Kapon

L' Acropole, Éditions Kapon


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Τhe Acropolis and its Museum constitute an integrated architectural and artistic unity, one of the most important in the history of global civilization. An informative and attractive guidebook that brings to life the monuments preserved on the sacred rock and the unrivalled artworks exhibited in the museum makes visiting the Acropolis and its Museum a unique experience.

The Acropolis. Visiting its Museum and its Monuments, outcome of assiduous research based on the most recent scientific findings, aims to be a friendly and useful travel companion. Its descriptions and interpretative analyses help us to see the monuments in a different way and to understand the historical, artistic and political events that contributed to their creation. Through the texts and the illustrations we get to know the gods and heroes who were worshipped on the Acropolis, the leaders who envisaged the major projects, the artists who brought them to fruition, as well as the innovative ideas they applied and the Athenian citizens who admired and enjoyed these achievements.

This little book will help us to explore and engage with the monuments of Acropolis, not with awe but with the joy that springs from knowledge.

Author: Panos Valavanis (Professor of Classical Archaeology, Athens University)

Publisher: Éditions Kapon (2016)

Description: 64 pages, Paperback, 17 X 25 cm, 95 illustrations. Text in French.

Condition: NEW COPY.

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