• MiGs in the Middle East - Volume 1, Middle East@War No 33, Helion

MiGs in the Middle East - Volume 1, Middle East@War No 33, Helion


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MIGS IN THE MIDDLE EAST - VOLUME 1: Soviet-Designed Combat Aircraft in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria, 1955-1963

When Egypt and Czechoslovakia signed the so-called ‘Czechoslovak Arms Deal’ in the mid-1950s, thy initiated a unique era of close cooperation between major Arab military powers, the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics and its allies. Within few years, the air forces of Egypt, followed by those of (in chronological order) Syria and Iraq, were all equipped with dozens and then hundreds of Soviet-made fi ghters designed by the Mikoyan i Gurevich Design Bureau – the same swept-wing jets that had taken the Western powers by surprise during the Korean War.

While the first generation of MiG jet fighters – the MiG-15 – saw only a relatively brief service in Egypt, its more efficient and uprated successor, the MiG-17F, entered service in bigger numbers, and then formed the backbone of all three air forces. In similar fashion, Egypt, followed by Syria and Iraq, purchased large numbers of Ilyushin Il-28 light bombers, while the MIG-17PF became their first radar-equipped combat aircraft, and the MiG-19 became their first supersonic fighter. Unsurprisingly, MiG-15s, MiG-17s and MiG-19s thus served with many different units and wore a wide range of very different, and often very colourful unit insignia and other markings. These aircraft saw extensive combat service in the wars with Israel, internal coups and many crises, often flown by pilots who would go on to play crucial roles in the future of their nations.

Based on original documentation and extensive interviews with veterans, and richly illustrated, MiGs in the Middle East, Volume 1 is a unique source of reference on the operational history of Il-28, MiG-15, MiG-17, and MiG-19 jet aircraft in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria from 1955 until 1963.


"This book is very well researched and in some ways duplicates some of what you might have read in previous books covering the individual air forces. However, it approaches things from a different perspective and that is how these three countries dealt with not only the operation of Soviet equipment, but how they were trained to use it. One thing the Soviets did not get from arms sales was a foothold into the political lives of the populace as they had hoped. None of these countries wanted to turn out like much of eastern Europe of the time, so the road was sometimes rocky. It all makes for another fascinating historical study by the folks at Helion. Lots of great photos and maps along with some insight that you simply don't get from other books on the subject. A book that I very much enjoyed reading and I know you will as well. Highly recommended." ModellingMadness.com

"You'll find plenty of material for air-to-air scenarios, including those unconnected with the 1956 war." The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

Συγγραφείς: David Nicolle, Tom Cooper

Έκδοση: Helion & Company

Περιγραφή: Σελ. 72, μαλακό εξώφυλλο, Σχήμα Α4, 89 α/μ φωτογραφίες, 21 έγχρωμα profiles, 1 έγχρωμος & 3 α/μ χάρτες, 6 πίνακες.


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