Forum Army 2017 - Russian Vehicles


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Forum Army 2017 - Russian Vehicles is the second reference book published by ABRAMS SQUAD.

Striking images from one of the most reputed military photographers of the world, Vitaly Kuzmin. In this collection of pictures you will find all the vehicles showed in the "Forum Army 2017" exhibition, including tanks, infantry, engineering and artillery vehicles.

The collection include in action and detail pictures from all current vehicles of the Russian forces: T-14, T-90, T-80, T-72, BMPT Terminator, BTR-82A, Bumerang, Kurganets, BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-4M, BMO-T, BTR-MDM, 2S25 SPRUT, 2S34 Khosta, 2S19M1 Msta-S, 2S4 Tyulpan, 2S7M Malka, Iskander-M, Tor-M2, S-300V, Strela, Shilka, Tunguska, Tigr-M, Typhoon and many more.

More than 250 colour pictures. 


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