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Review by Steve Bamford: This softcover book from HT Model Magazine is specifically devoted to the Bf-109B/D/E. This is a soft cover book made from heavy weight glossy magazine paper, so it will hold up well to continued use. The cover....(although a soft cover) is made from thick glossy paper and will hold together well. The book is produced in Slovakia, so it is written in the Slovak language the true beauty and value of this book is it's detailed walkaround photos and historical wartime photos of Bf-109's.

The Bf-109 is one of the most popular planes with modellers. So a book like this with all these photos will benefit almost every modeller. And what a selection of photos......over 350 glossy photos. There are also 50 beautifully done colour profiles of various Slovak and German Bf-109's......The photos in this book focus on all the detail areas that modellers are obsessed with. Lots of cockpit colour photos.....photos of the engine......photos of various cannons and machine guns and so much more. As well as photos of the landing gear, open maintenance panels, gun bays, back side of instrument panel gauges, cockpit, exterior, and on and on. I can't think of a single detail area that isn't included as photos in this book.

The 50 colour profiles are single side views with the occasional view of the top of the wings to give you an idea of the layout of the camo.

The engine, gun bay and cockpit photos will leave you grinning......it's all there in beautiful colour.

Also included is 12 pages that include many, many black and white line drawings that seem to be from a wartime Luftwaffe technical manual. These line drawings explain the operation of various systems on the aircraft including the proper way to suspend the engine on an engine hoist as well as line drawings showing plumbing detail.

I'm quite impressed with the quality of this book and I look forward to other editions from this company. I recommend this book to all modeller, because sooner or later you'll build a Bf-109 and this book will answer so many of your questions. I am quite pleased to add this book to my library.....it will prove to be a very helpful book on future Bf-109B/D/E models''.

Συγγραφείς: Peter Sumichrast / Jozef And'al

Έκδοση: HT model

ISSN: 1335-3667

Περιγραφή: HT model special no 907. Σελ. 66, μαλακό εξώφυλλο, 298 X 210 mm, 165 α/μ φωτό εποχής και 182 έγχρωμες ''walk around'' φωτό από μουσειακά εκθέματα, περίπου 85 σχέδια, σχεδιαγράμματα και τομές από το τεχνικό εγχειρίδιο του α/φους, 50 έγχρωμες πλάγιες όψεις (κυρίως σλοβάκικων α/φών). Κείμενο και λεζάντες στα σλοβάκικα. ΑΜΕΤΑΧΕΙΡΙΣΤΟ.

Βάρος κατά την αποστολή: 350 gr.

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