• Luftwaffe Eagles - Special Edition: Battle of Britain

Luftwaffe Eagles - Special Edition: Battle of Britain


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Seventy-five years ago Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring launched the might of the Germanyʼs Luftwaffe against Great Britain. The intention was to destroy the Royal Air Forceʼs ability to protect the country as a prelude to a seaborne invasion by Germanyʼs army which had already swept across Europe in a devastating blitzkrieg.
The exploits of the RAFʼs ʽFewʼ during the summer of 1940 are legendary and have gone down in history as the first major turning-point in the course of World War Two. Less well appreciated is the story of the Luftwaffe and its ally, the Italian Air Force, during those crucial days. The latest edition of the very popular Luftwaffe Eagles special publications zooms in on the exploits of the fighter and bomber crews and the wider air war being fought 75 years ago. Stories of combat include first-hand experiences of bomber and fighter crews in the skies over England, patrolling the waters of the Channel and the North Sea and helping to support the U-boat commerce raiders. 
The Luftwaffe has always been a fascinating subject for enthusiasts everywhere and this new special 100-page magazine is packed with first-hand accounts, features by leading aviation writers, glorious artwork and contemporary photos. Prepared by the renowned editorial team that brings you Britainʼs top-selling aviation monthly, FlyPast, this special publication focuses on a formidable air force in this special anniversary year. All of the major combat types are featured, including colour schemes, markings and unit heraldry.


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