• Libyan Air Wars - Part 3, Africa@War No 22, Helion

Libyan Air Wars - Part 3, Africa@War No 22, Helion


  • Κατασκευαστής: Helion & Company
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: D19133 [19133]
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο!
  • Ημ/νια προσθήκης: 22/03/2021
  • 24,00€

LIBYAN AIR WARS - PART 3: 1986-1989

Confrontations between Libya, and the USA and France reached their highest point in the period between April 1986 and early 1989. In response to a Libyan-instigated and supported series of terror attacks against US citizens and interests in Europe, in April 1986 the USA launched Operation El Dorado Canoyon – a series of raids against carefully selected targets in Libya.

Simultaneously, the USA and France bolstered the military of the Chadian government, enabling it to subsequently launch an all-out advance against Libyan troops and proxy forces in the north of Libya. This culminated in the series of spectacular campaigns better known as ‘Toyota Wars’, characterised by high speed of operations and surprise. The Chadian Army defeated its opponents in 1987 and nearly launched an invasion of Libya in 1988, successfully concluding this conflict.

This title closes the Libyan Air Wars mini-series with a detailed insight into the final US–Libyan confrontation, which took place in early 1989, and culminated in another high-profile air combat between the most modern jet fighters of the Libyan Arab Air Force, and the US Navy.

As usual, the volume is richly illustrated by well over 150 contemporary and exclusive photographs, colour profiles, and maps, detailing the history, training, equipment, markings and tactics of the involved air forces.


"Another interesting part of the history of this region of North Africa." Military Modelling

“A good selection of images is offered…plenty to engage modellers of the aircraft featured.” AirModeller

“ … the definitive work on an obscure but fascinating chapter in the region’s endless saga of misrule and chaos.” Aviation Historian

"...helps fully understand the complex dynamics of the events." JP4 magazine, Marco de Montis

Συγγραφείς: Tom Cooper, Albert Grandolini, Arnaud Delalande

Έκδοση: Helion & Company

Περιγραφή: Σελ. 72, μαλακό εξώφυλλο, Σχήμα Α4, 150 έγχρωμες & α/μ φωτογραφίες, χάρτες & έγχρωμα profiles.


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