• Iran-Iraq War in the Air 1980-1988, Tom Cooper & Farzad Bishop

Iran-Iraq War in the Air 1980-1988, Tom Cooper & Farzad Bishop

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This book focuses on the role of the air power in the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988, one of the most underestimated and under researched events in the history of aerial warfare.

The authors have made full use of extensive research, eyewitness accounts, interviews with dozens of people directly involved, as well as recently declassified documents from around the world which are published here for the first time. Their balanced, exhaustive coverage describes and analyzes both the development of the Iranian and the Iraqi air forces, their involvement in combat operations, while simultaneously discussing their organization and capabilities, and detailing their equipment to detail.

Over 200 photographs (most never before published), tables, charts and maps are included, making this book a must for any serious military and aviation researcher, as well as enthusiasts and modelers.

Συγγραφείς: Tom Cooper & Farzad Bishop

Έκδοση: Schiffer

Περιγραφή: Σελ. 304, σκληρό εξώφυλλο, 28,5 X 22,5 εκ.

Κατάσταση βιβλίου: ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΗ

Κατάσταση επένδυσης εξωφύλλου: ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΗ

Βάρος κατά την αποστολή: 2.000 γρ.

Ετικέτες: ΙΡΑΝ, ΙΡΑΚ

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