Encyclopedia οf Figures Modelling Techniques Vol. 0, AMMO


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Encyclopedia Of Figures Modelling Techniques Vol. 0 - Quick Guide For Painting.

The 0 volume of the Encyclopedia of Figures is an easy to follow manual introducing you to the most basic and important aspects of figure painting. This volume featuring a complete walk through all aspects of finishing a miniature figure. Beginning with the initial assembly through to the painting and application of final details, the most important techniques are explained in this comprehensive guide. 

The miniature example used in this book belongs to the Legends of the Jade Sea series, from the prestigious brand Bigchild. A fantasy-themed figure with a realistic execution regarding shapes, proportions, and the representation of various detail types and materials to include leather, metals, hair, and ornaments whose painting techniques can be readily used on both fantasy and historical models. This introductory volume can be considered the essence of the entire Encyclopedia of Figure Modelling Techniques, offering a brief presentation of the contents that will be developed in-depth in the following volumes. The contents of each volume provide inspiration and knowledge to any miniaturist seeking to learn and enjoy painting miniature figures.


  • 1.0 Original Concept and Sculpting
  • 1.1 Legends of the Jade Sea
  • 2.0 Workbench
  • 2.1 Lighting and organising the workbench
  • 2.2 Brushes
  • 2.3 Mixing palette (Wet palette)
  • 3.0 Assembly and Preparation
  • 3.1 Cutting tools
  • 3.2 Sanding and filing tools
  • 3.3 Drilling tools
  • 3.4 Fastening devices
  • 3.5 Glues and cements
  • 3.6 Putties
  • 3.7 Final assembly
  • 4.0 Primer
  • 4.1 Cleaning
  • 4.2 Priming
  • 4.3 Preshading
  • 4.4 Lighting
  • 5.0 Painting with Acrylics
  • 5.1 Acrylics
  • 5.2 Techniques
  • 5.3 Airbrush
  • 5.4 Painting metals.  Non-metallic metals technique
  • 5.5 Textures


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